ecoVaro. Manage what you measure.

ecoVaro is the ultimate cloud-based energy management software that enables your business to constantly monitor and manage energy costs, allowing you to realise capital you didn’t know you had, with as little investment as possible.

It gathers data from your meters. This extensive information can be checked out accurately in personalised reports and customisable dashboards that reveal trends and provide in-depth resource usage.

Why Are We The Best?

We provide excellent energy management software solutions for all companies, no matter their size or business sector. We believe in the power of numbers and we know that by showing them in an organised manner we help our clients find the best solutions for their particular situation.
We stay clear and concise, by anticipating our clients’ needs and going right to the spot. Our services save time and money, by highlighting energy waste and cost cutting opportunities within an intuitive interface and with minimal user effort.
We know the impact, wise and efficient energy management has on economies and the environment. We are committed to being the most reliable partner for each of our clients on this journey, by providing excellent software solutions adjusted to the specifics of every business.

ecoVaro: Manage What You Measure

Conceived to become

the most loved energy measuring and monitoring software on the market, ecoVaro is
the indispensable tool for consumption optimisation.

Manage what you measure and Realise Capital